Councillor Profile - Cr Duyen Anh Pham


Cr Duyen Anh Pham

“I want to see more multicultural events in Brimbank, encourage participation and strive for greater community involvement on decision making.”




  • Brimbank Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reconciliation Action Plan Consultative Committee
  • Brimbank Arts Advisory Committee
  • Errington Precinct Master Plan Community Reference Group: Sport and Recreation Projects
  • St Albans Community Centre Consultative Committee

Portfolio - #Vibrant Brimbank

  • Areas of Responsibility: Arts, Culture, Heritage, Events, Aboriginal and Multicultural Affairs

What is your connection to Brimbank?

I have a long standing commitment to

  • St Albans Traders Group Association,
  • Western Festive Activities for Disadvantaged (WESTFAD),
  • Vietnamese Art Group,
  • Brimbank Community Governance Training Group,
  • Brimbank Leadership Alumni Network.

Also, anything in the local community that has needed support or assistance, I have been involved.

What do you think is the greatest strength of the Brimbank Community?

Multicultural diversity.

What are your greatest concerns for Brimbank?

The Brimbank areas that have increasing crime rates that need to work with the police and locals to implement programs to reduce crime.

We need to work with the local community of Brimbank to engage with them on a range of issues.

What made you decide to run for Council?

I ran for Council because I truly care about Brimbank. We have a great multicultural city full of diversity. I wanted to play a part in Council to support local residents and be their voice, work as a team towards making Brimbank a municipality where people want to live.

What do you hope to achieve in your term as a Brimbank City Councillor?

In my term with Council I plan to establish a great working team to best support our community. I want to see more multicultural events in Brimbank, and encourage participation. I want to strive for greater community involvement on decision making.

I want to see Council support local community groups that deal with issues every day in our community.

Brimbank has many amazing community groups out there and as councillors we should do all that we can to support them.

What is your favourite thing to do in Brimbank?

I enjoy volunteering in our community and supporting local community groups. I have a long-standing association with some of these groups and I strongly believe that they do an amazing job supporting our community .

As a Council, I believe that the community groups that are totally run by volunteers need all the support that Council can give.

As community groups assist Council by supporting areas of need within our community, I am committed to continuing to support these groups as a volunteer any chance that I get.