Councillor Profile - Cr Kim Thien Truong


Cr Kim Thien Truong

"Brimbank is my home... a unique and culturally diverse community. There are communities from all over the world that live in Brimbank and they all live harmoniously together."




  • Brooklyn Community Representative Group
  • Brimbank Disability Advisory Committee 
  • Safety Roundtable

Portfolio - #Sustainable Brimbank

  • Areas of Responsibility: Environment and Waste

What is your connection to Brimbank?

Brimbank is my home. I have lived in Brimbank for the last 10 years and have family members and friends that also live in Brimbank.

Brimbank is also very culturally rich and diverse which strengthens my connection with it as well.

What do you think is the greatest strength of the Brimbank Community?

Brimbank is a unique and culturally diverse community. There are communities from all over the world that live in Brimbank and they all live harmoniously together.

The community works hard for their families and strive to make Brimbank a great place to live.

It also has an abundance of parks and open spaces, easy access to the freeway and airport and many vibrant shopping precincts

What are your greatest concerns for Brimbank?

Probably my greatest concern for Brimbank is that we seem to be neglected in regards to funding and looked upon by other communities as enjoying an inferior lifestyle.

With such a diverse community I think it is important that we make it as easy as possible for them to adapt to the Australian way of life.

What made you decide to run for Council?

As I am a long term resident of Brimbank and have made it my home and I thought I would run for Council to try and improve it for everyone.

I have been involved in community work for many years and have received several awards for a range of community activities including 2017 Paul Harris Fellowship award, 2015 Brimbank Citizen of the year award and 2008 Melbournian of the Year award in the Environment category.  I have also been involved with clean up Australia day activities for 10 years.

As the population is very diverse from all corners of the world I think it is important to help them adjust and become good members of the community and make a real contribution to Brimbank.

I have also been involved in charity and community work over a long period of time, including gambling prevention and environment education for our community. I have fundraised for the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital, Monash Children Hospitals, Cancer Council Victoria and Relay for life as well as establishing my own charity organisation called Kim’s Foundation of Hope Inc.

With this involvement in charity and community work I am able to understand the needs of community members and the problems that they face.

What do you hope to achieve in your term as a Brimbank City Councillor?

I intend to ensure that all money spent and invested in Brimbank offers the best value for money for the residents and is not wasted.

I think it is important that every cent is accounted for and strict probity and transparency principles are followed.

I would like to see more parks and open spaces, health centres, investment and an effort is made to reduce traffic congestion.

I am a strong advocate against family violence and other related social issues and through education and counselling hope to eradicate these issues.

What is your favourite thing to do in Brimbank?

I love to go shopping in Brimbank and meet all the different members of the community.