Councillor Profile - Cr Victoria Borg


Cr Victoria Borg 

“I feel deeply grounded and connected to this municipality and its people: as a wife, mother, grandmother, neighbour, friend and member of this great community.”





  • Brimbank Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reconciliation Action Plan Consultative Committee
  • Collective Action Committee
  • Brimbank Disability Advisory Committee
  • Safety Roundtable
  • Social Justice Coalition – Strategic Implementation Group (SIG)

Portfolio - #Brimbank People

  • Areas of Responsibility: Life Stage Planning, Lifelong Learning, Job Readiness

What is your connection to Brimbank?

Having lived in Brimbank for over 44 years I literally and metaphorically have grown in Brimbank. I have been living here since I emigrated from Malta in 1972.

My husband, Louie, has been a resident at this municipality for over 60 years. I feel deeply grounded and connected to this municipality and its people: as a wife, mother, grandmother, neighbour, friend and member of this great community.

I also have a strong connection with Brimbank at an academic level. I returned to study as a mature age student at Western Institute in 1987. I completed my tertiary studies, including my doctorate at Victoria University, St. Albans Campus. I also taught and lectured there for many years.

What are your greatest concerns for Brimbank?

The city of Brimbank is endowed with a tapestry of peoples from various ethnic groups. This is highly enriching. However it poses a number of challenges at local government level which is at the forefront in its responsibilities to meet the needs of the community at grassroots level.

Such needs go across various sectors, such as health, education, employment and finances.

My concern is that demand for services and programs is quite high and funding is never enough. Historically, although this population is considered as highly disadvantaged both State and Federal Governments do not take this into consideration when it comes to funding.

The vulnerability to mental illness, unemployment, disengagement, drugs and related crimes are also of great concern.

What do you hope to achieve in your term as a Brimbank City Councillor?

My first goal is to create a culture of trust among people in relation to the Brimbank City Council. Considering the fact that the last Council was dismissed, people need to regain their trust in the people that they elected to represent them with fairness and integrity.

High involvement with members of the community is a priority for me. This will also give me the opportunity to identify the immediate needs of the people and act accordingly.

I would like to create more bridges between people and the council, to build on the existing mental health services, create more educational programs and training to prepare young people for the workforce. This would involve a great deal of advocacy at various levels.

I would also like to advocate for more research in areas such as youth disengagement and acculturation especially for first generation migrants. 

What is your favourite thing to do in Brimbank?

My favourite thing is to meet people in various settings, including;

  • Attending multicultural activities and celebrations
  • Attending community functions and activities
  • Going to local parks and shopping centres
  • Visiting historical and educational places/institutions
  • Talking to people in the streets.