2018 Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Ordinary Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm. The Agenda for each meeting is usually published to this page on the Friday before the Council Meeting.

2018 Ordinary Council Meeting Schedule

  • 20 February 
  • 20 March 
  • 17 April 
  • 15 May 
  • 19 June 
  • 17 July 
  • 21 August 
  • 18 September 
  • 16 October 
  • Wednesday 7 November, 6.30pm Special Meeting (Mayoral Election)
  • 20 November
  • 11 December

Council Meeting Agendas

We’re reducing the number of hard copy agendas we produce for Council Meetings to save a lot of paper and printing costs.

Instead of getting a hard copy, you can access the agenda on our website using council's free wifi.

What if I don't have a smart phone/tablet?

We can loan you one for the meeting!

Each item Council is considering is also shown on the screen in the Council Chamber.

Council Meeting Minutes

The draft (unconfirmed) Minutes from each Council Meeting are made available on this page by the Friday following the meeting. The Minutes are confirmed at the next Ordinary Council Meeting and the page updated.

Minutes for the current and previous year are available on our website.


Date Meeting Type Agenda and Minutes

20 February 

Ordinary Council

Ordinary Council Meeting No. 433 - Agenda - 20 February 2018 (full agenda)

Part 1 (including Table of Contents) 

Report 12.1 - Governance Report – February 2018

Report 12.2 – Local Government Bill Exposure Draft 2017 – Draft Submission

Report 12.3 – Councillor Portfolio System and Appointment to Committees – February 2018

Report 12.4 - Quarterly Financial Report For The Period Ending 31 December 2017

Report 12.5 – Proposal To Move A Section Of The Suburb Boundary Between Taylors Lakes and Keilor

Report 12.6 - Planning Activity Update And Delegate Decisions – December 2017 And January 2018

Report 12.7 - Planning Compliance Activity Update – 1 October to 31 December 2017

Report 12.8 –Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C200 - Heritage Overlay

Report 12.9 – Draft Brimbank Volunteer Strategy 2018-2022

Report 12.10 – Draft Brimbank Neighbourhood Houses Strategic Partnership – Agreement And Action Plan 2018-2021

Report 12.11 - Draft Submission To The Metropolitan Waste And Resource Recovery Group - Advanced Waste And Resource Recovery Technologies Discussion Paper

Report 12.12 - Tender Report For Contract No. 18/2437 MAV Electricity For Large Buildings And Facilities And Unmetered Street Lighting

Report 12.13 - Contract No. 14/1630 - Arboricultural Maintenance And Associated Works - Extension of Contract

Part 2 (including Notices of Motion)