Public Question Time Request - Council Meeting (Online Form)

Under the Meeting Procedure Local Law 2020 (Ch, 2, 3, 4 Brimbank Governance Rules), adopted by Council on 18 August 2020, public question submissions are due at 3pm the day before the Council Meeting.

Use our online Public Question Time Form to ask Council a question.

This application will take approximately five minutes to complete.

What you need to know to ask a question

  • You can only ask two (2) questions per meeting. If you ask more than two (2) questions, you will receive a response to the first two (2) submitted
  • You must provide your name and address
  • You must submit your question on time (by 3pm on the day before the meeting)
  • If  you don't want to submit your question using the online form below you can contact customer service on 9249 4000
  • We can translate questions into other languages
  • We will read out your question and the response to your question at the meeting and provide you the response in writing
  • If you submit a question that is inappropriate or offensive it may not be answered
  • If there is a delay in responding to the question we will let you know and answer your question at the next meeting
Your details
e.g. 0414 678 345 or 03 9249 4000

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