Events and Filming

Running an Event in Brimbank

Council welcomes events that are well planned, safely conducted and that don't adversely impact the community.

An event permit will be required if your activity/event involves any of the following:

  • An activity that goes beyond regular use of Council land such as a park, reserve, footpath or road
  • A public gathering of 60 or more people
  • A road closure or changed traffic and parking conditions
  • Structures or equipment brought on to Council land
  • Fireworks including firecrackers

We can advise you on event management and assist you with completing the Event Permit application forms.

Applying for an Event Permit
Brimbank Events Handbook

Our Brimbank Events Handbook outlines key codes of practice and legislation relevant to running your event/activity.

It includes permit application forms, permit requirements and essential information for organisers.



COVID 19 and Event Permits in Brimbank

Under current more relaxed COVID restrictions events NO LONGER require:

  • Approval from the Dept of Jobs Precincts & Regions (DJPR) for events of over 30,000 attendees.
  • Patrons to show their vax status to gain entry
  • Staff and patrons wear face masks or check-in at QR codes
  • Attendance records or COVID Safe marshals

However, 2 dose vaccine mandates will continue to apply to staff and participants.

In deciding whether to run an event, applicants are responsible for monitoring advice from Federal and State governments in relation to restrictions on public gatherings and adhering to any directions /advice mandated by governments and monitoring the Victorian Government COVID website for appropriate updates

Council will endeavour to provide updates on COVID-19 information relevant to events but is not responsible for:

  • Notifying organisers in relation to government restrictions that may apply to their events
  • Events provided with a permit running in breach of new or changing government restrictions.

Filming in Brimbank

Filming is a planned activity that may impact Council property, public amenities or traffic conditions.

A Film Permit will be required subject to the Victorian Screen Code of Conduct and other requirements which apply under our Local Laws.

Victoria Police Film and Television Office Approvals

You must get approval from the Victoria Police Film and Television Office first before applying for a permit if you’re going to film:

  • From low loaders
  • RPAs (drones)
  • Portrayals of police
  • Simulated violence or,
  • Scenes that may cause public confusion.
Filming in Brimbank: A guide through the film permit process in Brimbank


Details on how to apply for a filming permit are set out in the Filming in Brimbank: A guide through the film permit process in Brimbank

Filming in facilities and on sports grounds will also require a booking and/or a bond.

If you're a student filming for coursework, you're exempt from permit fees but you may still need a film permit.

Download Film-Photography Permit Application Form and refer to the filming guidelines for information on what to include with your application.


Other Related Application Forms

For more information on running an event in Brimbank please call 9249 4000 to speak to the Community Development and Compliance Officer or email