Accessing Council Information

Some documents are freely available for inspection. Others, you can only access under the Freedom of Information application process.

Documents Available to the Public

Some of our documents are available to the public and are on this website.

These include:

If the document(s) you are looking for are not online they may still be available for public inspection.

Our list of Documents to be Made Available to the Public Upon Request will tell you who is the best person to contact to make arrangements to inspect the relevant documents.

Register of Interests

Council is required to maintain a register of the interests of Councillors, members of Special Committees and nominated officers.

You can apply to inspect the Register of Interests, using this Application Form.

Freedom of Information Act

If there is no law that requires us to make a document available to the public – or available for public inspection - then you may be able to access the document(s) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the Act).

The Act gives every person a right to access our documents, except for exempt documents.

Freedom of Information Application

To access these documents complete a Freedom of Information Application Form. A non-refundable prescribed application fee required – currently $29.60.

We strongly recommend you contact Customer Service and ask to speak with our Freedom of Information Officer. They will discuss your requirements and help you complete the form.