Our Brandmark

The face of Brimbank

Our brandmark is the cornerstone of our visual identity and has been carefully crafted to represent Brimbank City Council’s values, vibrancy and professionalism.

Our corporate colours of dark blue and deep yellow proudly represent the vibrancy and professionalism of Brimbank.

Our logo


The blue background represents stability and the yellow is for energy.

The wheat graphic represents the area’s history of agriculture manufacture and the flat grassy landscape of the western plains, drawn in a modern manner.

Council introduced the first logo (below) in May 1996. The current logo has been used since 2012.

 Brimbacnk City Council's first logo. Blue oval with yellow graphic in the centre. words "Brimbank City Council" below shape.

Prior to the first logo, the former cities of Sunshine and Keilor had their own coat of arms.

If you have any questions about our branding call us during business hours on 9249 4000.