Closed Sunshine Landfills

In February 2020, Council started an engagement program with landowners and occupiers in St Albans and Albion about buried waste and the potential for landfill gas in their properties that relates to the Sunshine Landfills, which were closed in 1990. This program builds on previous engagement by Council with the local community.

Council has also undertaken a comprehensive review of historical records, and there are multiple sources of information confirming waste is buried in private properties.

Independent assessments show the health risks to residents and workers are low and expected to keep reducing because less gas is produced as the landfills gets older.

With the information available, Council has commenced an amendment to the Brimbank Planning Scheme to introduce an Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO). Amendment C212brim seeks to identify potentially contaminated land associated with, and surrounding the closed Sunshine Landfills.  

Multiple entities played a role in the approval and operation of the Sunshine Landfills and subsequent redevelopment which led to homes, businesses and community facilities being built close to or on top of the closed Sunshine Landfills.

Council is seeking to work with the Victorian Government to develop a coordinated response to these issues so the affected communities do not have to bear the burden of past waste management practices.

Who is affected?

There are 82 impacted properties, comprising 75 private properties and seven government properties.  These properties include six businesses, 69 residential properties; five community groups occupying Council land, open spaces and the M80 Ring Road.

Impacted properties

Private Properties – St Albans

  • Residential (over waste): 40
  • Residential (isolated waste, uncompacted fill): 29

Private Properties – Albion

  • Industrial: 6

Sub-total Private properties: 75

Government Properties - VicRoads

  • M80 Western Ring Road: 1

Government Properties – Brimbank City Council

Carrington Drive Reserve

  • Open Space: 1
  • Carriageways (63 and 137 Denton Avenue): 2

Sunshine Energy Park

  • Leased (part of property): 2
  • Vacant undeveloped: 1

Subtotal Government Properties: 7

Total Properties impacted by Sunshine Landfills: 82

Where is Sunshine Landfills?

The Sunshine Landfills is an area north and south of the M80 Western Ring Road in St Albans and Albion that operated the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Land potentially impacted by the closed Sunshine Landfills



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