Energy and Climate Change

Energy and climate change

Our aim is for a low carbon City that is adaptive and resilient to changes in the short and long term. In collaboration with regional partners, we support local emissions reductions and address the risks and impacts of climate change to our community.

Through our Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy and Sustainability Policy, we’re working to reduce annual greenhouse emissions of our operations by 50% by 2022/23 based on 2011 levels.

Key projects helping us reach this target include:

  • Street lights upgrade: Approximately 11,000 mercury vapour 80w lights are being replaced with 2 x 14w T5 fluorescent lights or 18W LED lights reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, as well as saving energy and maintenance costs.
  • Sunshine Leisure Centre: We have installed a cogeneration unit – which uses natural gas to generate electricity and re-uses heat to warm the centre’s pools.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades of community buildings: including Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) upgrades; lighting/electrical upgrades; double glazed windows; sensors and timers for appliances; draught-sealing; and installation of solar photovoltaic systems.

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Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action (WAGA)

Brimbank City Council is part of the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action – a local government partnership with seven other western region councils: Greater Geelong, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton, Moonee Valley and Wyndham, and the Shire of Moorabool.

WAGA aims to lead and support collaborative action to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase the resilience and adaptive capacity of our region. We will achieve this through partnerships with local communities, government, industry, and research bodies to create liveable suburbs now and for the future.

Key regional WAGA projects

  • Implement Low Carbon West: a regional greenhouse strategy – in partnership with LeadWest and Western Melbourne Regional Development Australia, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop a sustainable low carbon economy in our region.
  • Implementation of WAGA's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan – addressing regional climate change risks and developing a monitoring, evaluation and reporting framework for adaptive performance.

We value these collaborations with our neighbouring councils and local organisations.

Want to know more? Visit the WAGA website.

Environmental Upgrade Agreements

Council helping business save money and protect the environment 

Brimbank City Council is giving businesses the opportunity to cut energy and water costs and reduce their impact on the environment by offering Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs).

Through EUAs businesses will now be able to finance water and energy efficiency projects and install renewable energy systems such as solar.

Utilising support from the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, any non-residential property in the Brimbank municipality will have the opportunity to enter into an EUA – an agreement between the property owner, Council, and a participating bank.

EUAs offer 100 percent project finance, competitive interest rates and long term finance compared to other financial options. The loans are paid back through property rates to Council providing an additional layer of security for the lenders allowing them to offer very competitive terms.

What type of projects are eligible?

Various types of renewable energy (e.g. solar panels) and energy efficiency projects (e.g. lighting upgrades) have been pre-approved.

There is a separate list of building upgrade works that require approval from an Independent Expert Reference Panel.

For further information about EUAs visit: Better Building Finance.

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Contact Sustainable Melbourne Fund to enquire about applying for an EUA. They'll check your eligibility and help you through the application process.

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Alternatively, contact Brimbank City Council’s Environment Department on (03) 9249 4000.