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Are you an educator interested in teaching your students about the environment and sustainability?

Our Schools Sustainability Resources have been developed to support you.

Biodiversity School Resources (Foundation - Year 6)

  • You can also book at no charge our amazing Volcano Dreaming 12 panel panorama. It'll help you teach your students about the complex biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains.

Energy School Resources (Foundation - Year 6)

Waste and Recycling School Resources (Foundation - Year 6)

Water School Resources (Foundation - Year 6)

Sustainable Systems School Resources (Foundation - Year 6)

Brimbank Teachers Environment Network (BTEN)

Join in stimulating workshops that will inspire you and other teachers to engage with students on sustainability. The network meets one Thursday afternoon each term. All school staff and environmental educators are welcome.

If you want to join to our Environmental Educators email list and receive updates on environmental education resources, competitions, awards and more, please contact our Environmental Education team on:

Factsheets for Your School

Education Support

If you're interested in receiving further support for your school, please complete our Environmental Education Request Form and return to

Useful Links for the Classroom
  • ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Schools: a program developed to help schools and their communities to become more sustainable.
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden: a program offering advice and support on building a kitchen garden at school.
  • Water Watch: a community engagement program connecting everyone with river health and water sustainability and management.
  • Cool Australia: Learn how easy it can be to embed sustainability into the curriculum, gain access to free units of work, lesson plans and digital libraries.
  • Ecolinc: Offering onsite, outreach and field trip programs for Foundation to Year 12, as well as teacher PDs.
  • SWEP: Delivering fun and engaging water education for schools through the Schools Water Efficiency Program.
  • CERES: The Sustainability Hub is a great place to connect, share and learn what’s happening in the space of sustainable education.