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Celebrate our diverse LGBTQIA+ community with exciting shows happening in Brimbank during Midsumma Festival (19 January - 9 February 2020) and as part of Midsumma Westside program.

What Remains by Laura Rouhan invites the viewer to reflect on how we relate to a space, the built environment, a normally busy space removed of people and activity. Feeling like an outsider, we move through spaces at a distance, as a photographer, we are behind a tool that lets us capture an image - a moment in time, reality as we are experiencing it, that keeps us at a distance. In creating these images, the artist illustrates their connection to space, as it relates to their depression, anxiety, queerness, identity and intersections of belonging.

What Remains by Laura Rouhan
Exhibition 19 January - 9 February
Gallery opening times: www.facebook.com/events/2651640451580273

Celebration 6 February, 6-7.30pm

Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery, 2 City Place, Sunshine
No charge

This exhibition is part of Midsumma Westside which draws together the wonderful array of events that take place during Midsumma Festival in Melbourne's west.

For more information visit www.midsumma.org.au

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