Refugee Week

Refugee Week

Refugee Week is an annual global celebration.

This year's refugee week will be celebrated between 16-22 June, 2024, and the theme is FINDING FREEDOM: FAMILY. 

Refugee Week enables people from different backgrounds to connect beyond labels, as well as encouraging understanding of why people are displaced, and the challenges they face when seeking safety.  It is a platform for people who have sought safety in Australia to share their experiences, perspectives and creative work on their own terms and in a safe environment.

Back Your Neighbour

Refugee Week 2024 is an opportunity to learn more about the challenges refugees and asylum seekers face when seeking safety in Australia.

Through initiatives such as the BackYourNeighbour campaign, the Brimbank community can be part of a nationwide effort to support asylum seekers (individuals and families) to receive fair treatment during their status resolution process.

You can get involved by signing the petition to stand up for our neighbours who need certainty and stability to rebuild their lives.


Last updated: 14 June 2024 - 9:32am