Fitness Training in Brimbank

A person must not conduct fitness training on Council land without a permit.

An organised commercial activity such as personal training and/or involving the siting of equipment over Council land will require a Fitness Training Permit.  

Permits are issued for a period of 6 months or to expiry date of Public Liability Insurance on Certificate of Currency, whichever comes first.

Fitness trainers may apply for a permit to:

  • conduct up to 6 training sessions per week
  • for a maximum number of 20 people*
  • for a maximum of 2 hours each session at approved hours
  • up to 3 different approved reserve sites as specified in Guidelines and Appendix

Permit applicants please note:

  • Training on public land must not prevent access to the general public
  • Permits cannot be issued for sports grounds or reserves without public toilets

Apply online:

COVID -19 and Fitness Training in Brimbank

Council will endeavour to provide updates on COVID 19 information relevant to fitness training on Council reserves but is not responsible for:

  • Notifying fitness trainers in relation to changing government restrictions that may apply to their activities
  • Fitness training running in breach of new or changing government restrictions.

* Irrespective of an existing permit, fitness trainers are responsible for monitoring the Victorian coronavirus website for appropriate updates on restrictions that may apply to their industry sector.

COVID Safe Plans

The Victorian State Government’s ‘COVID 19 Roadmap to Reopening' requires that all businesses have a COVIDSafe Plan for onsite operations.

Essential plan requirements include:

  • ensuring physical distancing (1.5 metres)
  • Limiting attendee numbers as per restrictions
  • face coverings worn pre and post training
  • good hygiene practices (hands and equipment)
  • keeping good records of attendees should contact tracing be necessary