Amended Planning Permit Application - Online Form

Need to amend a planning application? Now it's easy. But before you start we will need to rustle up some paperwork. This application will take approximately 15 minutes to complete once you have everything ready.

Wait, is it a subdivision application you need to amend? 

If it is then you are in the wrong place - subdivision applications are processed through SPEAR and can only be lodged by a registered Land Surveyor. So jump on the SPEAR website to do this.

Is it a secondary consent you wish to submit?

Fill out the Secondary Consent form and lodge it with City Planning.

Otherwise here's what you will need to complete this application

  • A credit card to make payment
  • Copy of Title and Plan of Subdivision (produced within the last 3 months);
  • Copy of any Covenants or Section 173 Agreements registered on Title if any (under ‘Encumbrances’);
  • And dimensioned plans including:
    • existing conditions plan;
    • demolition plan; if any
    • proposed site, floor and elevation plans;
    • feature survey plan;
    • materials and colour schedule; and
    • if it’s a ‘ResCode’ application, Neighbourhood and Site Description and Design Response Plan.

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All subdivision applications are processed through SPEAR and can only be lodged by a registered Land Surveyor. Continue to SPEAR website.

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