Copies of Building Documents Application - Online Form

Only a property's ratepayer can request the building documents required, (unless you give another party written permission to do so on your behalf). Please complete the online form below, or drop in at any of our Customer Service Centres. Fees are payable, and they vary.

Are you in the right place?

Do you need a copy of planning permits, endorsed plans or even both? See our Request Copies Planning Permits and/or Endorsed Plans Online Form instead.

Please note:

Old plans may not show comprehensive details, such as internal stormwater layout, or reflect what exists on the property.

The owner is responsible for investigating accurate site conditions.

Refunds will NOT be given should requested documents not be available.

Plans over 10 years old are NOT required by Law to be stored at Council’s Archives. However, plans may still be in storage.

This application will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

What you need to submit this:

  • a credit card to make payment
  • written permission from the owner if you are applying as an agent of the owner.

We recommend using Chrome as your web browser. If you use Safari, make sure you have the latest version installed before completing the following online form.


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