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Wait, is this a subdivision application? 

If it is then you are in the wrong place my friend - subdivision applications are processed through SPEAR and can only be lodged by a registered Land Surveyor. So jump on the SPEAR website to do this.

Are you looking for the VicSmart application?

Go to our Vicsmart Application Online form to lodge or gain information on the requirements.

Application fees

What you need to apply

  • Copy of Title and Plan of Subdivision (produced within the last 3 months)
  • Copy of any Covenants or Section 173 Agreements registered on Title if any (under ‘Encumbrances')
  • Scaled and dimensioned plans including:
    • existing conditions plan
    • demolition plan; if any
    • proposed site, floor and elevation plans
    • feature survey plan
    • materials and colour schedule
    • if it’s a ‘ResCode’ application, Neighbourhood and Site Description and Design Response Plan
  • The Metropolitan Planning Certificate is required if the cost of development is more than the threshold $1,207,000
  • A written submission i.e. as required by the Zone & ResCode
  • Other documentation i.e. Traffic report, Arborists report, Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)
  • A credit card to make the payment

 This form takes about 15 minutes to complete.

We recommend using Chrome as your web browser. If you use Safari, make sure you have the latest version installed before completing the following online form.

When uploading documents please make sure the file title includes the name of the document and the address of the property e.g. Title 301 Hampshire Road Sunshine or Plan 301 Hampsire Road Sunshine.

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Privacy – you must read through the below privacy information prior to commencing your application


Under Section 197 of the Planning and Environment Act, an applicant is entitled to have their information held private from public viewing via any electronic means (website and email). Please be advised that Council makes planning applications available for public viewing via its website, email and in person at Council offices in accordance with Section 51 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Council may also refer your application electronically to a referral authority for comment and advice to assist in the assessment of your application. Applications available for public viewing will display the names, addresses and contact details of the owner, applicant, applicant’s representative and the author of any plans and / or technical reports accompanying the application.

To proceed with lodging your application on-line, you consent to Council displaying the application on its website, and circulating the application electronically to a third party only for the purposes of considering the planning application, including all personal information and identification contained within the documentation submitted to Council from time to time in relation to this application. If you do not agree, or if you do not have the consent of all parties who have contributed to your application (eg; building designer, traffic consultant) for their identification and contact details to be made available for public viewing for the purposes of the town planning process, you will not be able to use this portal. Where consent is not provided, you will need to submit your application with all personal identification redacted from the application via alternative means. Please refer to ‘Lodgement of Redacted Information’ for more information.

Where consent is not provided, you will need to submit your application with all personal identification redacted from the application via alternative means. Please refer to Planning Applications - Privacy and Information