Report dumped rubbish or lost, stolen, damaged or unemptied bins - Online Form

This form will take you about 2 minutes and you will walk away with a new bin or just a satisfied smile from doing a good deed to help clean up your neighbourhood.

Dumped Rubbish

Dumping is dumb. So if you see someone doing it or know of a pile which needs clearing up, please let us know. Having a clean and safe environment for everyone is a priority to us.

Unemptied Bins

If you want to report your bin has not been emptied please give us a bit of time - tell us after 1.00pm on day of collection. It's possible that some delays are being experienced and your bin will be picked up shortly.

Damaged/Lost/Stolen Bins

If a bin has been damaged we will repair or replace it at no charge if you're a resident. A bin is considered damaged and will be repaired if it is missing its wheels or lid. If the bin has a split body it will be replaced with a new bin. If a bin has been lost or stolen some simple steps to take first are:

  • Check with the neighbours
  • See if the bin has ended up further down your street.

If you really can't find your bin, log a request for a replacement and we will get you a new one asap.

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