Request a New Bin or Amend an Existing Bin Service Application - Online Form

Need a new bin or want to change your current bin service?

Application fees

  • $91.90 for an additional recycling bin
  • $24.90 for delivery

What you need to apply

  • Copy of your certificate of occupancy for new bin requests
  • Proof of property ownership for changes to existing services, e.g. upgrade from an 80 Litre to a 140 Litre Garbage Bin, get a green waste service or pick up an additional bin because these all increase the Environmental charge for your property
  • A credit card to make the payment

For changes to existing bin services, please log your request after your bin has been emptied and leave it in the "boundary of your property line". We will swing by within 5 working days.

This form takes about 5 minutes to complete.

We recommend using Chrome as your web browser. If you use Safari, make sure you have the latest version installed before completing the following online form.

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