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Want to build something? This form can be used request a quote for the cost of a building permit. 

Before you start you should know

In most cases a Building Permit is required to construct a building or carry out building work. Sometimes you don't need one - you can check if it is exempted in Schedule 8 of the Building Regulations 2006 by looking at the Victorian Building Authority Fact Sheet.

Still not sure what to do. We are here to help. Our Building Services team is made up of Registered Building Practitioners with extensive experience in all types of buildings and construction methods. You can call us during business hours on (03) 9249 4000

You will need

  • Full property details, including information you will find on your rates notice
  • Architectural drawings/plans
  • Contact details for everyone involved - yourself, your builder or architect for example.

This form takes about 15 minutes to complete.

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Building details
You are unable to apply for a building permit for works that have already been completed. Please call Council’s building department for further information.
You can only appoint one building surveyor to a building project. Please call Council’s building department for further information.