Halls and meeting rooms for hire

Need somewhere for a function, party, or an occasional or regular meeting?

Find information on venues available for hire across Brimbank virtual tours, prices and FAQs.

Types of hire

As a general guide, the types of hire available primarily depend on the booking frequency:

  • Function Hire (single event and / or activities classified as a function)
  • Casual Hire (between 2 - 10 bookings per year for community activities)
  • Regular Hire (ongoing bookings for community activities)

A minimum of two weeks notice is required for all new bookings.

Download the full Brimbank Halls and Meeting Room Hire Fees or view online below under Venues for Hire.

Function Hall Hire

Community Facilities can be hired for functions including celebrations, birthdays, meetings, family gatherings, and performances.

Bucks/hens celebrations are not permitted.

Birthday celebrations for the 16–21 age range are considered on an individual basis and additional conditions apply.

Facilities available for function hire are:

  • Glengala Hall
  • Grantham Green Hall
  • Keilor Park Hall
  • Old Shire Hall
  • Overnewton Gatehouse Hall
  • Sassella Park Hall
  • Taylors Lake Hall

Please read our Conditions of Use for Function Hire

Hire rate, booking fee and security fees apply.

Function Hire is not available for commercial bookings.

Casual Room Hire

Casual Room Hire applies to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 bookings per year by the same group in the same space to undertake community activities.

Please read our Conditions of Use for Casual Hire

Submit a Casual Room Hire enquiry

Regular Room Hire

Regular room hire applies to more than 10 bookings per calendar year by the same group in the same space. 

Applications will be assessed on a yearly basis.

Please review the Community Facilities Hall Hire Policy and Conditions of Use for Regular Hire to identify if your request is likely to be eligible for consideration.

Enquire about Regular Room Hire via email

Venues for hire
Deer Park

Deer Park Facility Prices


Keilor Community Hub
















Keilor Downs HallKeilor Hire Prices

St. Albans

St Albans Prices  


Sunshine Community and Civic Centre Hire prices

Sunshine venue prices  


Taylors Lakes Hall  - 12A Cocoparra Crescent, Taylors Lakes 3037

Sydenham venue prices

St Albans Community Centre & Bowery Theatre

St Albans Community Centre

Our flexible spaces can be hired for one-off and regular events including meetings, exhibitions, rehearsals, performances, and group activities.

Our activity rooms can accommodate up to 96 people and can be expanded to accommodate up to 288 people. Front of house and technical services can be provided.

Our facilities include a kiosk/café, exhibition space, performance stair, dance studio, art and craft studio, rehearsal room, meeting rooms and activity room with kitchen and wash up facilities. For information and prices, email stacc@brimbank.vic.gov.au or call 9249 4600.

The Bowery Theatre

The Bowery Theatre can be hired for rehearsals and/or performances. The theatre can seat up to 202 people. It is designed in black box style. Box Office, Front of House, and technical support is available.

For information and prices, email Bowery@brimbank.vic.gov.au or call 9249 4600.

Smaller Room Hire

Maybe a room in one of our Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres might suit your needs. These are very affordable!

Private and external facilities

Brimbank has a number of external facilities that are available for hire. Please contact these facilities directly for further information.

More information
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire a hall for children's parties?

Yes. We welcome parties for younger children.

Can I hire a hall for a bucks or hens night party?

No. Bucks / hens celebrations are not permitted at Brimbank hired facilities.

Can I hire a hall for a 16th-21st Birthday Party?

Birthday celebrations for the 16–21 age range are considered on an individual basis and additional conditions apply.

When can I gain access for setting up?

All set-up time and pack-up time must be included in the booking request.

Access to the hall will only be available for the hours booked and paid for. For example, you will not be able to access the hall the night before the function to set up, or the day after to clean up or pick up equipment or supplies.

If anything is left behind at the facility a retrieval fee will be charged.

Can I book the hall for several days, a week, or a month?

Yes.  Please see Type of Hire information above.

For a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 bookings per year see Casual Room Hire.

For more than 10 bookings see Regular Hire

How do I check the availability of a hall or meeting room?

For casual and function hire please submit either a Function Hall Hire Enquiry or a Casual Room Hire Enquiry.

Existing regular hirers can use their username and password to check the online booking system (IMS) for availability.

To enquire about a regular booking email facilities@brimbank.vic.gov.au or call the Community Facilities team on 9249 4537.

How do I make a booking?

Review the relevant information Type of Hire above. 

Submit your casual or function hire booking request via Function Hall Hire Enquiry or a Casual Room Hire Enquiry.

To enquire about a regular booking please email facilities@brimbank.vic.gov.au or call the Community Facilities team on 9249 4537.

How much does it cost to hire a hall?

Fees and charges are set through the annual budget process. 

Some booking types incur higher security fees and / or bonds to cover service requirements.

Details regarding hire fees can be found above under Venues for hire listings. 

Is there a security bond?

Yes.  Some booking types incur higher bonds to cover service requirements.

Security bond details regarding can be found above under Venues for hire listings.

Am I allowed to decorate the walls and the structure?

Yes, provided that decorations do not cause any permanent damage, and are removed.

No decorations are to be placed on ceiling fans or light fixtures.

Helium balloons must be tied down.

No sticky tape, drawing pins or other materials which will puncture walls, floor or other surfaces are to be used.

No smoke machines and pyrotechnics are allowed. 

See the various Conditions of Use links below.

Can we smoke cigarettes, cigars and the like in the hall?

No. All Council venues are non-smoking environments.

Can I have a jumping castle for my function?

Jumping castles are not permitted inside the halls.

A limited number of facilities have an outdoor area large enough to accommodate a jumping castle and additional conditions of use apply.

Facilities include Overnewton Gatehouse Hall (any size) and Sassella Park Hall (4m x 4m only).

Are we allowed to have alcohol at our function?

Hirers are required to understand and adhere to responsibilities under current Victorian Government legislation, which may include obtaining a temporary liquor license or permit.

Visit the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Casino Control for further information.

Is catering available, or can we bring our own food?

Catering is not provided.

You must ensure that the correct permits have been obtained for all food services, such as food vans.

If you propose to sell food on-site, a Food Premises Registration must be obtained in advance via Business Forms | Brimbank City Council, phone 9249 4000 or email info@brimbank.vic.gov.au

Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes. Please see each facility's individual web page for approximate quantities.

All the tables and chairs in our facilities are the same standard size.

Table: 1830mm x 760mm, 19kg                                                   

Photo of trestle table - beige top with black fold up legs

Chair: 815mm x 490mm, 5kg                                                   

Photo of chair - Blue curved seat with silver legs

Is there any audio/visual equipment in the halls, such as speakers and projectors? Can we hire these from you?

None of our function halls have audio or visual equipment and Council does not have any available for hire.

You will need to provide your own equipment which can only be brought into the hall during the hours booked and paid for.

Both the Brimbank Community & Civic Centre and Keilor Community Hub have a meeting room for casual hire available that includes audio and visual equipment including a projector.

Am I required to clean the hall?

Yes. The hirer is responsible for leaving the building in a reasonably clean and tidy condition.

This includes the hirer supplying garbage bags, products and equipment to:

  • Clean spillages.
  • Responsibly remove all waste and recycling.
  • Wipe down all surfaces including tables, chairs, stove and sinks.
  • Sweep, mob and vacuum floors.
  • All decorations must be removed.
  • Tables or chairs must be returned to pre-function layout as indicated by the Facility Layout notice found on the facility’s notice board.
  • Failure to do so before vacating the premises will result in a bond deduction, or total loss of bond.
  • Refer to Conditions of Use below.

Am I required to remove my rubbish?

Yes. All rubbish and recycling must be responsibly removed. Suitable containers/bags need to be brought to the venue by the hirer as they are not supplied by Council.  

Failure to do so before vacating the premises will result in a bond deduction, or total loss of bond.

Can I inspect the hall or meeting room?

Physical viewings are not offered as the facilities are not staffed.

Virtual tours, photos and floor plans are available on individual web pages via the links under the Venues for hire section above.

Community Facilities Hiring Policy and Conditions
Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Community Facilities team.

Phone: 9249 4537 

Email: facilities@brimbank.vic.gov.au