Draft Activity Centre Strategy

Draft Activity Centre Strategy

Since the adoption of the current Brimbank Activity Centre Strategy in 2008, there have been changes that necessitate its update.

The strategy has been reviewed and the draft Activity Centre Strategy (2018) endorsed by Council for the purpose of consultation.

The draft Strategy seeks to:

  • Provide a high level policy setting to guide Council’s decisions in relation to Brimbank activity centres, and reinforce Council's focus on activity centres
  • Update place reports for key activity centres and the inventory of local activity centres
  • Provide direction to facilitate investment and development of activity centres
  • Reinforce Council’s place making programs for the Sunshine Town Centre (Sunshine Rising) and St Albans Town Centre (Go St Albans)
  • Reinforce Council’s partnership model recognising the role and contribution of key stakeholders including businesses, property owners and business associations
  • Identify and reinforce appropriate linkages to the state and local planning policy framework
  • Acknowledge the role of small centres
  • Establish a work program to improve liveability by increasing connectivity, amenity, and facilitation of appropriate development.

How to Provide Feedback

Submissions must be received by 24 July 2018.

Submit by:

  • Filling out our online form on this page; 

What Happens Next?

After this consultation period, Council Officers will prepare a report for a future Ordinary Council Meeting including a summary of all submissions received and proposed changes to the final draft Strategy.

Council will consider this report and decide if it will adopt the final draft Strategy.


Draft Activity Centre Strategy

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