Have Your Say - Brimbank’s Library Collections

Have Your Say - Brimbank’s Library Collections

Brimbank City Council invites the community to have their say on the new draft Strategic Framework for Library Collections 2020-2025, which clarifies Council’s objectives for library collections and digital content and guides our investment in library collections.

You are invited to help shape the future of library collection content available at Brimbank libraries by sharing your ideas and hopes online. You can provide feedback by answering the questions below. Alternatively, you can email us a written response if you prefer.

The draft Framework has been developed to respond to the community’s needs and interests, foster the love of reading and learning and guide Council’s investment in library collections.

The collection comprises of print materials, multimedia and electronic resources for reading, listening to and viewing.
The draft strategy outlines Council’s approach for managing Brimbank’s library collections into the future through the following priority areas:

  • Developing a Reading Culture
  • Supporting Lifelong Learning and Literacy
  • Celebrating Culture and Heritage
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Supporting Economic, Civic and Social Participation
  • Curating a Community Focused Collection


How to Provide Feedback

  • Fill out our online form on this page.
  • Submissions must be received by 11.59pm 5 June 2020.


What Happens Next?

After all feedback is considered, Council will prepare a final version of the Strategic Framework for Library Collections 2020-2025 to consider adoption.


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Have Your Say: Brimbank’s Library Collections


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