Draft Annual Budget and Draft Council Plan

Draft Annual Budget and Draft Council Plan

Council has prepared a Draft Annual Budget for the financial year commencing on 1 July 2017 and ending on 30 June 2018.

The Draft Annual Budget 2017-2018 includes the Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2027 and Draft Rating Strategy 2017-2018.

Council has also prepared the Draft Council Plan 2017-2021 which sets out agreed objectives, activities and strategic indicators for Council to achieve its strategic directions for:

1. An Inclusive Community

2. A Liveable Community

3. A Prosperous Community

4. An Innovative and Responsive “Community First” Council.

Read the draft documents here:

Have your say

It’s easy to have your say on Council’s Draft Annual Budget 2017-2018 and Draft Council Plan 2017-2021. Simply follow the steps below, and be sure to get your submission in before 5pm on Wednesday 14 June 2017.

  1. Complete the below online form, or you can download and print out a copy of the form.
  2. When completing the form, please nominate whether you would like to speak about your submission at the Hearing of Submissions Committee on Monday 26 June 2017 (speaking about your submission is optional).
  3. If you are completing the form online, simply press the SUBMIT button, once you have completed all the required fields.

If you have printed a hard copy or PDF version, you can scan and email your form to:


or, if you have printed your form, you can mail your completed form to:

Consultation Council Plan and Budget
Brimbank City Council
PO Box 70, Sunshine
Victoria 3020

Public Information Sessions

You can also have your say at our Public Information Sessions.We'll be able to help you get the draft Budget and Council Plan and make your submission.

Sessions will be held at: 

Sunshine Library

  • Thursday 25 May, 4-5pm
  • Monday 5 June, 4-5pm 
  • Tuesday 6 June, 10-11am

St Albans Library

  • Tuesday 30 May, 4-5pm 
  • Wednesday 31 May, 11am-12noon 
  • Thursday 8 June, 11am-12noon

Deer Park Library

  • Monday 22 May, 4-5pm
  • Tuesday 30 May, 11am-12noon
  • Wednesday 31 May, 10-11am
  • Tuesday 13 June, 4-5pm

Keilor Library

  • Friday 26 May, 3.30-4.30pm
  • Wednesday 7 June, 11am-12noon
  • Thursday 8 June, 3.30-4.30pm

Sydenham Library

  • Monday 29 May, 12noon-1pm
  • Thursday 1 June, 11am-12noon
  • Wednesday 14 June, 4-5pm







You can use this form to make a submission on the Brimbank City Council Draft Annual Budget 2017/2018 or Draft Council Plan 2017-2021.

Submissions must be received before 5pm on Wednesday 14 June 2017.


Your details
e.g. 0414 678 345 or 03 9249 4000
Your feedback

Anyone who makes a written submission can request to be heard in support of their submission by a Hearing of Submissions Committee on Monday 26 June 2017, at 6pm, at the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine.


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