Imagining Brimbank in 2040

Imagining Brimbank in 2040

The Brimbank Community Plan is being reviewed to ensure it aligns with the strategic direction of partner agencies and Council and reflects the aspirations of the community. The new community plan will be a shared long term vision for Brimbank in 2040.

The consultation will seek to confirm the community’s vision and priorities which have already been identified through:

  • Recent ‘Big Ideas,’ community consultation that informed development of the Council Plan and Budget, and strategies such as the Economic Development Strategy 2016-2020.
  • Evidence and research that has been documented through the Brimbank Health and Wellbeing Status Report.

How to Provide Feedback

Submissions must be received by Sunday 25 February 2018.

Submit by:

  • Filling out our online form on this page;
  • Downloading our hard copy form and
    • Emailing the completed form to (Att: Community Planner);
    • or Post to:
      Community Planning, Culture and Development
      Brimbank City Council
      PO Box 70
      Sunshine 3020 

What Happens Next?

  • Council will use your feedback to prepare a draft Community Plan for community discussion and feedback
  • The draft Community Plan will be available for public exhibition and feedback in May 2018
  • The Community Plan will be presnted to Council for adoption in July 2018

Imagining Brimbank in 2040 

Help shape the future of the Brimbank Community Plan 2040.

Vision and Priorities for Brimbank in 2040

Take a look at this vision for Brimbank in 2040:

Brimbank will be a proud, connected and resilient community that celebrates its rich cultural tapestry, Indigenous heritage and industrial past. Our community members will be safe, happy, healthy and well and enjoy the city’s natural assets and high quality services and facilities.

Do you share this vision for Brimbank in 2040?

What do you think are the main priorities to achieve by 2040?

Take a look at the list below about how Brimbank will ‘be’ and what Brimbank will ‘have’ by 2040. Are all of these things priorities for you? 

Check all boxes that are priorities for you.
Check all boxes that are priorities for you.

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