Infringements Information

Infringement Notices

If our team member (an authorised officer) reasonably believes that you've committed an offence against our local or state laws, they may issue you with an Infringement Notice in an approved form.

Time to Pay 

You must pay your Infringement Notice by the due date on the notice, usually 28 days.

Payment Options

Methods of paying your infringement/fine:

Appealing Your Infringment/Fine

If you believe you've been issued an infringement in error, you can request an Infringement Review.

There are four main grounds for appeal

  • The fine is unlawful: You should provide the reasons why you believe the fine is unlawful.
  • Mistaken identity: You should provide the reason why you believe there was an identity error.
  • Special circumstances: A letter or report from a psychiatrist, social worker, or drug counsellor must be supplied. Special circumstances apply if you have:
    • A mental or intellectual disability
    • A disorder, disease or illness
    • A serious addiction to drugs, alcohol, or a volatile substance
    • Or if you're homeless.
  • Exceptional circumstances: You may request to be excused under Section 24(5) of the Infringements Act 2006. However your exceptional circumstance must clearly show why you should be excused.

Financial Hardship or Difficulty Paying

If you're experiencing financial hardship you can apply for an Infringement Payment Plan (an extension of time to pay). You need to do this before the due date.

If you don't pay your fine, we'll send a penalty reminder notice after 28 days and you will be required to pay the initial fine plus costs.

If the matter remains unresolved we may refer it to the Magistrate's Court or Fines Victoria, which results in additional costs.