Go St Albans: St Albans Town Centre Management Program

What is Go St Albans?

GO St Albans is a place management program to develop and enhance the St Albans Town Centre, and achieve its full potential.

The St Albans Town Centre is already a vibrant place. We want to attract even more people to visit, shop, work, study and live there. 

Who does the program involve?

GO St Albans places strong emphasis on building stakeholder communication, engagement, and partnerships.

We'll prepare a business plan that establishes the town centre’s priorities for the next five years. We'll involve:

  • business and service operators
  • property owners
  • government departments and agencies
  • civic, community and education service providers.

The Go St Albans program is based on the centre management model often used by freestanding shopping centres in single ownership.

With over 200 businesses and services, we know that the St Albans Town Centre is a complex environment with many stakeholders. 

How is the program delivered?

Our St Albans Place Manager will run the program. They're your key contact and will be delivering programs and initiatives across the town centre. 

We'll also establish an advisory group of public and private stakeholders. They'll have a role in delivering the business plan and can influence the future of the town centre.

Facilitated Pre-Application Process 

If you have a large project, our St Albans Place Manager can help with the pre-application process assisting with your development and planning needs before lodging an application. 

The St Albans Place Manager has a focus on investment attraction, development facilitation and major project coordination as well as serving as a key contact for property owners and investors. 

If you have any questions about St Albans Town Centre or need help with a development enquiry, contact the Place Manager on:

Go St Albans Newsletter

Go St Albans is our quarterly newsletter. It's got all the latest news and happenings across the town centre. Read the latest issue! 




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