Industry Settings and Profiles

This is a great place to establish your business. Brimbank benefits from of well-priced land and proximity to key infrastructure – such as Melbourne and Avalon Airports, Port Melbourne and Melbourne CBD.

Manufacturing and Allied Industries

Victoria’s manufacturing industry is the largest in Australia, employing approximately 30 per cent Australia's manufacturing workforce. It is our state’s biggest employer of full time jobs.

Manufacturing is Brimbank’s main industry.

  • 933 businesses employ 8849 workers (21% of the workforce).
  • 9% of these businesses employ 20 or more people.

Victoria’s manufacturing sector encompasses:

  • automotive
  • advanced electronics and machinery
  • aerospace and aviation
  • defence
  • chemicals and plastics
  • pharmaceuticals
  • fabricated metals
  • textiles, clothing and footwear (TCF)
  • food processing

Key manufacturing businesses include:

  • the Schiavello Group
  • SEW Eurodrive
  • Rhine Ruhr
  • Caterpillar
  • Sleepyhead
  • Ferguson Plarre
  • Lombards the Paper People

Brimbank is home to much of the Western Region’s manufacturing industry, with businesses located across the municipality, in particular Derrimut, Keilor Park and Sunshine West. The Manufacturing Industry accounts for $30.8 billion or 11.2% of Gross State Product (GSP) of Victoria’s economy.

$30.8 billion or 11.2%
Amount manufacturing accounts for of GSP of Victoria’s economy


The sector is the second highest employer of 15-24 year olds (34.9% of workers).

Approximately 12% of our workforce is employed in retail: 63 of every 1000 workers are retail employees.

Retail is an important part of our area’s economy with major shopping precincts located in Sunshine, St Albans and Watergardens. These precincts are complemented by small retail hubs scattered across the municipality, including Keilor Village, Deer Park and Brimbank Central.

Looking for a range of retail experiences? It’s all right here: from bulk goods to speciality boutiques.

$13.1 billion
The amount the retail sector currently contributes to the state
Retail trade’s share of Victoria’s output
of the state’s workforce is employed by the retail sector.
of the retail workforce part-time employed

Education and Training

Approximately 10% of our workforce is employed in education and training: 64 people in every 1000 are employed in the sector.

Our area has a well-established education and training sector: two campuses of Victoria University are located here, in Sunshine and St Albans. Higher education and TAFE are complemented by an extensive network of state, Catholic and independent secondary and primary schools.

The Brimbank Community Learning Strategy (2010-2013) an integrated framework providing for a community of lifelong learning in Brimbank. The strategy assists us to:

  • support learning across all life phases
  • improve learning outcomes across our area
  • provide new and innovative ways of inspiring and supporting partnerships between individuals, families, education providers, community groups and our teams

We want to develop into a community where everyone embraces learning as a way of life.

Education and training will continue to be a key sector in our economy. We are committed to attracting education and training providers to our municipality.

$14.4 billion
Amount education and training sector is worth to the VIC economy
221,400 (7.7%)
people employed by education and training sector

Health and Social Services

The Health Care and Social Assistance sector currently contributes 6.4% of output to the Victorian economy. Forecasts suggest this will rise to 6.8% by 2018.

The sector’s estimated 22,700 businesses employ 329,800 people (or 11.5% of the workforce) – of which 45.7% are part-time. By 2018 there could be an additional 60,800 jobs in the sector, increasing employment to 12.4% of the state workforce. Hospitals and Residential Care Services will account for around 42,300 of this increase.

In our area 9% of the workforce is employed in health and social services: 40 people in every 1000 workers are employed in the sector. This sector of our local economy continues to expand: going forward we predict a range of new opportunities for health care businesses and practitioners to grow in our area.

Sunshine Hospital

Sunshine Hospital is key to our area: a teaching hospital with 426 beds. The hospital offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • women’s and children’s services
  • surgical
  • medical
  • mental health
  • aged care
  • rehabilitation services

Sunshine Hospital’s emergency department incorporates a paediatric service. It is one of the busiest emergency operations in the state.

Western Centre for Health Research and Education

Sunshine Hospital is also home to the Western Centre for Health Research and Education. The centre has a range of purpose built, state-of the-art teaching and research facilities:

  • 200 seat auditorium
  • 100 seat lecture theatre
  • library facilities
  • simulation centres
  • a number of seminar and tutorial rooms

Western Clinical School for Medicine and Allied Health

The centre is home to the Western Clinical School for Medicine and Allied Health in partnership with the University of Melbourne. It also houses researchers, academics and educators from:

  • Western Health
  • Victoria University
  • University of Melbourne

The Western Centre for Health Research and Education has already started to play a pivotal role in researching diseases that affect our local communities: Western Health has become a centre of excellence in academic and research fields.