Sunshine National Employment and Innovation Cluster

Sunshine was identified as one of seven National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEICs) in the State Government’s metropolitan strategy, Plan Melbourne.

The Sunshine NEIC is a 20 square kilometre area around Sunshine Hospital. It extends from the Sunshine Metropolitan Activity Centre to the St Albans Activity Centre.

The Sunshine NEIC has strong connections to

  • Melbourne's Central Business District (CBD); 
  • Melbourne Airport;
  • the Port of Melbourne; and
  • Melbourne’s booming western suburbs.

The area currently accommodates approximately 15,000 jobs and 15,000 dwellings. The largest industry sectors include: 

  • health care and social assistance (24%);
  • manufacturing (17%); and
  • education and training (10%).

The Heart of Melbourne’s West

The Sunshine NEIC is recognised for its potential to attract a critical mass of tertiary education, health-related training, health care, retail and professional services, and its capacity to grow significantly.

The combination of services, industry, transport, and location, positions the Sunshine NEIC to support the booming growth in Melbourne’s West..

As a focus for significant transport investment, including implementation of the Western Rail Plan and the delivery of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and Sunshine Super Hub, the Sunshine NEIC has the potential to attract significant investment and development, providing greater employment and business opportunities.

Sunshine Health Wellbeing and Education Precinct

Located just 15 km west from Melbourne’s CBD, the Sunshine Health Wellbeing and Education Precinct (SHWEP) is an established and growing area of medical, health, community, education and research services in Melbourne’s west.

The SHWEP is centred on Sunshine Hospital, and includes the Western Centre for Health Research and Education and the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital. 

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in partnership with Brimbank City Council, is preparing a strategic plan to guide future use and development within SHWEP.

The strategic plan will address future land use and development, and improved access, and amenity. See SHWEP for further information and progress.

Potential Childcare Business Opportunity

The SHWEP is the fastest growing health-related employment area in Melbourne’s west. It offers exciting business development opportunities, including a child care start up.

Draft Framework Plan Released

The Victorian Planning  Authority (VPA) has released its draft framework plan for the Sunshine National Employment and Innovation Cluster.

The draft Framework Plan establishes the vision and a series of actions to attract business growth and increase local job opportunities.

The Victorian Planning Authority is expected to conduct a further review of the draft Framework Plan following the recent release of the Western Rail Plan in late 2018.