Sunshine Town Centre – Open for Business

Why is Sunshine Town Centre an emerging investment destination?

Sunshine Town Centre is an easy choice for investment and development. 

There are many reasons why investors are looking to the Sunshine Town Centre including its location just 12km from the Melbourne CBD in the heart of Melbourne’s west with $1 billion dollars of public and private investment.



Sunshine Town Centre is an ideal location to invest.  Find out why through these useful resources:


Facilitated Pre-Application Process 

If you have a large project, our Sunshine Place Manager can help with the pre-application process assisting with your development and planning needs before lodging an application. 

The Sunshine Place Manager has a focus on investment attraction, development facilitation and major project coordination as well as serving as a key contact for property owners and investors. 

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the Place Manager on:

Major Public and Private Projects

What are the major investments in Sunshine Town Centre so far?

VicRoads Regional Office at Clarke Street
Brimbank Civic and Community Centre at Hampshire Road
George Street multi-deck car park
Sunshine Station & Bus Interchange: Regional Rail Link
Constructions Futures (Victoria University) Training Facility
Foundry Towers Development - Stage 1 completed