Halls and Meeting Rooms - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire a hall for children's parties?

Yes. We welcome parties for younger children.

Can I hire a hall for a bucks' or hen's night party?

No. Community halls are not available for bucks' or hens’ night celebrations, please see information about private halls on our Hiring Information page.

Can I hire a hall for a 16th-21st Birthday Party?

Yes, further conditions apply. Please see our Community Facilities Hire, Licences and Leases Policy Guidelines

When can I gain access for setting up?

You need to include all set-up time and pack up time in your booking.

You will only have access to the hall for the hours you have booked and paid for. For example, you will not be able to access the hall the night before your function to set up or the day after to clean up or pick up equipment or supplies.

If you leave anything behind at the facility, you will be charged a retrieval fee.

Can I book the hall for several days, a week, or a month?

Yes. We book our halls out to groups for longer periods and on an ongoing basis. Please see our Hiring Information page for more information.

How do I check the availability of a hall or meeting room?

We're working on an online calendar that should be available later in 2017. In the meantime, check the availability of a hall or meeting using our online enquiry form . Or contact Leisure and Community Facilities:

How do I make a booking?

We recommend you read the Conditions of Use and Hire Fees on our Hiring Information page before making your booking. Once you have read all the relevant information make a booking by contacting our Leisure and Community Facilities team:

How much does it cost to hire a hall?

The cost of hiring a hall depends on the type of hire: regular, casual, or function. Details regarding hire fees can be found on the Find a Hall or Meeting Room page.

Can I book a hall or meeting room online?

Not yet, however we're working hard to have our online portal up by the end of 2017. While you can ask about a facility using our online enquiry form, to secure a booking you'll need to contact our Leisure and Community Facilities by telephone:

Is there a security bond?

Yes. This will depend on the type of hire and hall. Please see the Conditions of Use and Hire Fees on our Hiring Information page for more information.

Am I allowed to decorate the walls and the structure?

Yes, provided that your decorations do not cause any permanent damage, and are removed.

  • No drawing pins, sticky tape or other materials that will puncture walls, floors or other surfaces are to be used (Blu-Tac is recommended).
  • Do not place decorations on ceiling fans or light fixtures. 
  • We do not allow loose helium balloons.

Please see the Conditions of Use and Hire Fees on our Hiring Information page for more information.

Can we smoke cigarettes, cigars and the like in the hall?

No. All of our venues are non-smoking environments.

Can I have a jumping castle for my function?

Jumping castles are not permitted inside the halls. Some of our facilities have an outdoor area large enough to accommodate a jumping castle.

You must provide us with copy of the jumping castle supplier's Public Liability Insurance.

Are we allowed to have alcohol at our function?

Yes. However, if you plan to sell alcohol, you must apply to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation for the appropriate license.

Is catering available, or can we bring our own food?

No. You will need to cater for yourself.

We only hire our halls that include kitchen access. Any group planning to sell food (whether to members or the general public), must apply to our Environment Health Department for the appropriate permit.

Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes. See each facility's individual web page for details.

What size are the tables and chairs?

All the tables and chairs in our facilities are the same standard size.

  • Table: 1830mm x 760mm, 19kg
  • Chair: 815mm x 490mm, 5kg

Is there any audio/visual equipment in the halls, such as speakers, projectors, etc.? Can we hire these from you?

None of our halls or meeting rooms have audio or visual equipment and we don’t have any available for hire. You will need to provide your own equipment.

Be aware that you can only bring equipment into the hall during the hours booked and paid for. For example, juke boxes cannot be delivered to the hall outside the hired time or collected the next day.

Am I required to clean the hall?

Yes. The hiring party is responsible for leaving the building clean and tidy – in reasonable condition.

  • All balloons, decorations, etc. must be removed. 
  • All surfaces, including tables, chairs, stove and sinks are to be wiped clean.
  • All floors are to be swept, mopped and vacuumed. 
  • Tables or chairs must be returned to pre-function layout as indicated by the Facility Layout notice found on the facility’s notice board.

Failure to do so before vacating the premises will result in a bond deduction, or total loss of bond.

Please read the Conditions of Use and Hire Fees on our Hiring Information page as well as the Community Halls Checklist for more information on cleaning halls.

Am I required to remove my rubbish?

Yes. You must remove all rubbish is to be removed, including glass and function rubbish, or your bond will not be returned.

We recommend bringing sturdy rubbish bags with you. Please read the Conditions of Use and Hire Fees on our Hiring Information page for more information.

Can I inspect the hall or meeting room?

You can take a 'virtual' tour or view photos and a floor plan of each facility on its individual web page. We do not offer physical viewings of our facilities, as sites are not staffed. 

For more information, please contact our Leisure and Community Facilities team: