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What is In2Sport?

In2Sport Brimbank is a subsidy program to help children living in Brimbank take part in community sport, regardless of financial circumstances.

The program aims to fund 75 percent – or up to $200 – towards club membership fees (subject to availability).

In2Sport is an inclusive program. We encourage applications from people living with disability.

Season 2020/2021
Changes to the In2Sport program for 2020/2021 season

Due to the situation surrounding coronavirus and the impact it has taken on the community, the financial and personal wellbeing of our residents remains our priority. To further support our community, Brimbank City Council has made some changes to the eligibility criteria of the In2Sport subsidy program to allow those that have been impacted financially by coronavirus to apply for this grant.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for In2Sport the applicant must:

  • Live in Brimbank
  • Choose a Brimbank Sports Club or a Community Based sports program in Brimbank (must be not for profit)
  • Be aged 6 – 18 years (at time of application)
  • Have their name listed on the uploaded Health Care Care/Pension Concession Card. The provided concession/health care card must be valid at the time of application

If you do not have a healthcare/pension card you are still eligible if:

- You can provide proof documentation to show that the applicant/applicant's parents have been financially impacted by COVID19. Ie: Loss of job, being stood down, decreased hours.

Two documents required:

  1. Proof of Brimbank Residency – E.g.: Driver’s license, proof of age, current vehicle registration certificate, council rates etc.
  2. Proof of financial impact of COVID-19 -  You will be required to provide one out of two documents below.
    • Centrelink Stimulus Package confirmation letter/statements (Job keeper/Job Seeker statements) – Must be the latest statement at time of application  OR
    • Official letter from employer – Must be an official organisation letterhead with company contact details - Please contact Leisure Services if you need to discuss proof of documentation on 9249 4526.

*Please contact Leisure Services if you need to discuss proof of documentation on 9249 4526.

When do applications open?

Application periods are divided into Summer and Winter sports. 

Successful applicants are only eligible to receive funding once per financial year. Summer 2020/2021 applications have closed.

Winter 2021

  • Priority Applications from Monday 1 February 2021 
    Open to those financially affected by COVID19, first-time applicants, females & people with disability only*
  •  All other applications from Monday 22 February 2021

Please note:

Applications must be submitted during the indicated application periods to ensure fairness for all applicants. Applications received outside of the indicated periods will not be processed.

*Those financially affected by COVID, first-time applicants, females and people with disabilities, can apply during the entire application period, but priority will only be given until 21 February 2021.

Closing of applications is subject to the availability of funds.

What is the Application Process?
  • Step 1: Complete our Online Application Form - you'll need to upload a copy of your family's Health Care Card or Pension Card or proof of documentation that you have been financially impacted by COVID-19 to complete the online application; 
  • If you do not have the ability to apply online. Please email for a hard copy application.
  • Step 2: Our team will assess and process your application. You'll be notified via email. The notification process can take 2 – 4 weeks after the date of application.
  • Step 3: Present your approval letter to your nominated club when joining. Pay the membership fee, minus the approved In2Sport Brimbank funding.
  • Step 4: The club will invoice Council for the approved cost of the fees.


How do I find a club?

Look in our List of In2Sport Registered Clubs.

If the club you want isn't listed you'll need to contact the club and ask them to submit an In2Sport Club Registration Form after you've completed your own application.

Clubs selected outside of the pre-approved list must meet the eligibility criteria

If you're unsure which sport or club you would like to join, talk to our Leisure and Community Facilities team at or call 9249 4526 before submitting your application.

Become an In2Sport Affiliated Sports Club

To become an In2Sport Affiliated Sports Club, the club must:

What else do I need to know?
  • Funding is limited and subject to availability. Along with funding applications, individuals are encouraged to contact their local clubs to seek alternative subsidies at club level.
  • No retrospective fees will be paid inclusive of uniform and equipment fees
  • Applications for year-round sports can be considered across both application periods, subject to funding availability
Referral Agents

Referral agents are crucial to identifying children who aren't able to join a sports club, predominantly due to their financial circumstances. Referral agents can also help complete application forms, and submit them to us on behalf of parents.

Contact Leisure and Community Facilities on 9249 4526 or to register as an In2Sport Brimbank Referral Agent.


More information

Contact Leisure and Community Facilities

Phone: 9249 4526


Visit: Brimbank Community Civic Centre, 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine, 3020.