Sporting Facilities – Public Ground and Reserve Hire

Most sporting clubs use our facilities on a seasonal or annual basis, under user license and lease agreements that outline terms and conditions of use. These are designed to ensure adequate access to facilities (pitches, ovals, etc.) at the appropriate time of the year e.g. AFL in winter, cricket in summer.

Our facilities, sports grounds and parks can also be booked by clubs, community groups, schools, and personal trainers to conduct events, gatherings, and competitions.

Online Sports Facility Bookings

Through our Online Sports Facility Allocation System bookings are approved within two days. The following can be booked through IMS:

  • Keilor Park Athletics Track
  • Keilor Park Synthetic Sports Fields
  • Our natural sports grounds.

Keilor Park Athletics Track

Our International Standard Synthetic Athletics Track at Keilor Park Recreation Reserve was constructed in March 2012. This facility is available to book for schools, organisations, coaches, and sporting clubs for training and competition purposes.

Keilor Park Synthetic Athletics Track - Hire Fees

All hire fees must be paid in full at a Customer Service Centre prior to the collection of keys and use of facilities. No partial payments of invoices will be accepted.



Event: Brimbank School

$367.35 per event

Event: Non-Brimbank School

$458.65 per event

Event: Non-School Group

$544.15 per hour

Brimbank Club/School Training

$49.10 per hour

Non-Brimbank Club/School Training

$60.95 per hour

Personal Trainer/Coach

$72.60 per hour

Standard Equipment Fee

$230 (total cost)

Specialised Equipment Fee

$295 (total cost)

Electronic Gates Fee

$75 per hour

Non-Brimbank Club/school Bond

$1000 per booking

Keilor Park Recreation Reserve - Artificial Turf Sports Fields

Keilor Park Synthetic Sportsfields - Hire Fees

All hire fees must be paid in full at a Customer Service Centre prior to the collection of keys and use of facilities. No partial payments of invoices will be accepted.

User Cost

Brimbank Club

$63.75 Hour/Field

Council temporarily relocated club

$38.65 Hour/Field

Brimbank Schools

$25.60 Hour/Field

Commercial or Non Brimbank Club / School

$127.60 Hour/Field

Group recognised as needing support through the Social Justice Charter

$25.60 Hour/Field

Access to change rooms

$13.50 per Use

Late Key Fee

$6.45 per day

Commercial/ Non Brimbank Club / School – Bond

$1000 per booking

The Keilor Park Reserve

  • Two official soccer fields 68m x 105m (FIFA approved)
  • Cricket pitch and Australian Rules Football goals
  • Concrete spectator standing area on one side of each field
  • 4.2 km of subsurface drainage
  • 10,500 litre underground water tank to collect surface and subsurface water – where collected water is stored or used for irrigating other green fields within the reserve
  • An 1.8m high fence around the entire playing area, with 4m fencing behind goal areas
  • 6 lighting towers, each 22 metres high (competition standard lighting)
  • Granitic sand pathways and pedestrian lighting from the car park to soccer fields
  • Portable change room and toilet facilities.

Sports Grounds and Parks

Facility Allocations

Allocation Applications and Seasonal Agreements are emailed out to clubs at the following times:

  • Winter season: early February (to be returned by 1 March)
  • Summer season: early August (to be returned by 1 September)
  • Annual: early November (to be returned by mid-December)

All applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Public Liability Insurance certificate
  • Latest Annual Report including financial statement 
  • Most recent AGM Minutes 
  • Liquor licence
  • Food Registration Certificate
  • Facility key register
  • Current business plan.

Sports Ground and Facility Inspections

We undertake monthly inspections on all our managed sporting reserves to ensure they're remain at an acceptable standard for use. Each sports ground is given a percentage rating out of 100. 

  • Facilities scoring 75% or above are available for use
  • Reserves scoring below 75% have their use reduced or eliminated until the ground reaches an acceptable standard.

Facility inspections are also undertaken on a bi-annual basis, focusing on both the clubs’ and our compliance with items covered by all Sports Facility User Agreements. Some of the items that are checked include:

  • Facility cleanliness
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Potential hazards.

Clubs receive inspection results in an email with a list any the works they need to undertake (if applicable), and the works that we are responsible for.

General Assistance

If your club needs day-to-day assistance; wants to report facility maintenance issues; or to organise a meeting to discuss club/ facility development matters, please contact our Sport and Recreation team: