Landfill and odour concerns

Large rubbish pil against a dark cloudy sky

Kealba landfill underground fire (also known as the Sunshine Landfill)

We are aware that there are currently some “hot spots” that are creating odour and smoke issues for residents who reside around the Barro Group landfill in Kealba. 

We have no control over the operation of the Kealba Landfill.

The landfill operates under a licence issued by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) which means that the EPA is the relevant authority for overseeing the resolution of this issue. 

We are advocating to the State Government and EPA for urgent action to respond to resident concerns, especially regarding odour and air quality.

It is important to highlight that we strongly opposed the planning permit for the Kealba Landfill.  This decision was overturned at VCAT.

We do not have any power to cancel a planning permit.  That power rests with VCAT. 

We have sought legal advice about whether there are any grounds pursuant to Section 87 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 for Council to apply to VCAT for cancellation of the permit.  The advice was categorical - there are no grounds. 

Any concerns about the operation of the site including complaints about odour, dust or smoke created by the site, should be reported to the EPA who are responsible for the Landfill's compliance with the law by calling 1300 372 842.

The EPA website has specific information about the landfill hotspots.

The Barro Group also has a dedicated website for this issue that includes up to date information. The Barro Groups hosts a Community Forum every Wednesday night at 8pm to provide updates on the remediation process and allow community members to ask questions.  The Forum is held via Zoom.  The link to access the Forum is available on the dedicated website listed above.

Kealba Landfill Community Update - June 2021 (PDF 102KB)

Ongoing odour and noise concerns involving Akzo Nobel site in Sunshine North

We are aware of the ongoing odour and noise concerns involving this site and we appreciate that this ongoing issue associated with Akzo Nobel is frustrating for residents.

We are not the authority who is responsible for monitoring and enforcing odour and noise pollution from this site we are limited in what actions we are able to take.

Officers have raised these issues with the EPA’s West Metro regional officers, but it is important that community members continue to report any noise or odour issues directly to the EPA. 

The EPA may can be contacted on 1300 372 842, or via its website.

For more information about odour and air quality issues at Akzo Nobel Pty Limited site visit the EPA website.

Odour issues in Brooklyn Area

We are aware of odour issues in the Brooklyn area. It’s important to report incidences of odour that affect you to the EPA.

EPA rely heavily on these reports for these investigations. Please forward your concerns to the EPA’s 24 hour hotline 1300 372 842.

For more information visit the EPA website.

Last updated: 7 February 2024 - 11:55am