2024 We Are Brimbank Awards Winners

WABA 2024

Brimbank City Council announced the winners of the 2024 We Are Brimbank Awards at a special ceremony hosted by Mayor Cr Ranka Rasic on Thursday, 23 May 2024.

The annual awards recognise the exceptional contributions, hard work and determination of individuals, organisations and community groups making a positive difference in the community.

This year’s winners have displayed outstanding leadership, passionate dedication, inclusion and support, and environmental sustainability initiatives. All nominees and groups have contributed to a stronger, healthier, happier, and more connected Brimbank.

2024 We Are Brimbank Award recipients

WABA 2024

Citizen of the Year:  

The Citizen of the Year is someone whose exceptional dedication, selflessness and leadership has made a profound impact in Brimbank, embodies the spirit of community, has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others, uplift our neighbourhoods and foster a sense of unity and belonging.

Winner: Aunty Jean

Aunty Jean’s dedication to enriching the arts scene, preserving Aboriginal cultural heritage, and showcasing Brimbank as a vibrant community reflects her exceptional commitment to community service.

WABA 2024

Young Citizen of the Year: 

The Young Citizen of the Year is a remarkable young citizen who inspires all with their passion and commitment to creating a brighter future for Brimbank.

Winner: Alicia Gec

A participant of Brimbank Youth Council, Western Bulldogs Bark program, recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, and Junior Lord Mayor of Melbourne 2020/21, Alicia is focused on making a bright future for other young people in Brimbank.

Arts, Culture or Tourism Award: 

WABA 2024

This award category recognises and celebrates the fantastic projects, events, groups or businesses that showcase and develop our communities’ rich cultural fabric.

Winner: Ross Morfea

Secretary of the St Albans Business Association, Ross has managed the St Albans Lunar Festival on a voluntary basis for 25 years. He is passionate about using the Festival to increase community pride and bring our multicultural community together.


Community Engagement Award:

WABA 2024

 This award category acknowledges and celebrates remarkable projects, events, groups, or businesses that have made a significant contribution towards fostering a welcoming, engaging, and interconnected community.

Winner: Duke Street Community House

For over 50 years, Duke Street Community House has been a place of learning, support and friendship for some of our most disengaged, disadvantaged and vulnerable community members.


Environment or Sustainability Award: 

WABA 2024

This award category acknowledges and celebrates remarkable projects, events, groups, or businesses that have motivated residents to actively contribute to, and preserve our environment for the benefit of future generations.

Winner: Ardeer South Primary School

Ardeer South Primary School has embedded sustainability education in their curriculum and empowered their students to become environmental stewards both within and outside the school grounds.


Sports and Wellbeing Award (New): 

WABA 2024

This award celebrates those who have made significant contributions to enhancing physical activity, mental health and overall wellbeing in our community. Whether they’re championing for youth sports, organising fitness programs or advocating for inclusive recreational opportunities, we want to recognise their positive impact.

Winner: Keilor Sports Club

The Keilor Gift is one of many activities the Keilor Sports Club organises and delivers, all of which are welcoming, safe, supportive and inclusive. These events create opportunities for volunteers and social interactions while encouraging physical activity and community wellbeing.


Community Group of the Year (New): 

WABA 2024

This award is for a remarkable community group that has demonstrated outstanding dedication and service, leaving a positive impact on the lives of residents in Brimbank. This could be through organising events, providing essential services or championing initiatives that have brought community together.

Winner: Vietnamese Families with Special Needs Inc.

This volunteer organisation helps families to overcome barriers to accessing services and support and provides social opportunities through meaningful interactions.


More information

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