Packard Street Reserve

Packard Street Reserve

Council has completed the Packard Street Reserve upgrade.  This upgrade, which is part of implementing our Creating Better Parks Policy and Plan, has transformed this park into an attractive space which provides a wide range of play opportunities accessible for all children.

The park has been upgraded with a new playground and the key driver for this has been imbedding access for children with all abilities through the space, with a particular focus on catering for the needs of children with autism.  This has been done through containing the space and providing a range of textures, colours and details to stimulate children.  In addition a sense of mystery and exploration has been created through the use of a variety of landscape settings, which the play elements are integrated with.

The new playground has been set within a substantial landscape setting and includes large wood carved sculptures, a giant dragon and an enchanted forest, creating a unique and fun identity to this space. The main wood carving is the head of a 10 meter dragon, which is the centre piece of the new playground.  Look carefully in the park to see the dragon’s footprints.  

A barbecue and picnic tables have also be installed as a focal point for community gathering. Key playground elements are a large bird’s nest swing, a variety of senior and junior play structures for children up to 12 years of age, a dry creek bed and timber bridge. 

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Packard Street, Keilor Downs



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