Sunshine Art Spaces

This Art Spaces project is part of our commitment to the regeneration of Sunshine Town Centre. We want to encourage our residents to:

  • Bring activity to the centre
  • Contribute to our urban renewal
  • Create a sense of vibrancy and creativity.

Sunshine Art Spaces is about revitalising, stimulating and activating the arts in Sunshine Town Centre by:

  • Providing affordable spaces and training for artists to establish creative businesses
  • Generating employment opportunities for artists so they can work within their local communities
  • Introducing activity, enlivening and bringing more people into Sunshine Town Centre and increasing economic activity
  • Raising the profile of the arts, demonstrating value to the local community
  • Occupying buildings that may otherwise be vacant, helping to minimise any vandalism.

Studio spaces are periodically available. To enquire about future availability please contact the Arts and Culture Unit on 9249 4600.

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