Media Release - Transforming Brimbank on track with Melbourne Airport Rail – Let’s build it better, together

Brimbank City Council wants to leverage the Melbourne Airport Rail project to deliver transformational change and is calling on the state government to “Let’s build it better, together.”

At Tuesday’s Council Meeting, a new community advocacy strategy and campaign was approved that promotes a range of asks relating to the Melbourne Airport Rail project. 

The campaign seeks local benefits for the community, not just commuters and focusses on integrated development for the Sunshine Priority Precinct and Sunshine Superhub, a new Albion Station and unlocking investment in Albion Quarter. 

Council is also seeking a fully funded ‘Brimbank Community Offset Package’ which:

  • recognises that Brimbank will experience the brunt of a decade of construction and disruption for the benefit of other communities across the State
  • addresses any rail construction plans that do not meet community expectations
  • ensures that Melbourne’s West is allocated its fair share of infrastructure funding from both the Federal and State Governments

The campaign builds on Sunshine Priority Precinct Vision 2050: Leading with Vision: A City set to Shine Vision, which is a bold plan (based on community and stakeholder feedback) to leverage the Melbourne Airport Rail to make Sunshine the economic powerhouse of the west.

Since the Melbourne Airport Rail was announced, Council has led extensive community and stakeholder engagement to understand local aspirations and expectations regarding how this investment can deliver more than just transport outcomes.

The Sunshine Super Hub and Melbourne Airport Rail are major infrastructure projects with the potential to deliver positive lasting social, economic and environmental change for Sunshine, Brimbank and the western region. 

Council is seeking community support to call on government to listen and respond to community concerns with tangible, innovative and lasting positive urban renewal and community strengthening outcomes (to build it better).

Please attribute to Mayor, Cr Ranka Rasic:

“Done right, major transport infrastructure investment coming to Brimbank will make our city world class.

“We need to focus on community not just commuters and on people as well as places.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity to transform our city, to improve lives and livelihoods and create positive lasting change.

“We have eight years to capitalise on investment in the Melbourne Airport Rail project and we will continue to advocate, lobby and campaign for integrated, related and connected parallel works to this mega-project.

“Working with the State and Federal Governments, let’s build it better, together!”