Media Release - Brimbank climate emergency response achieving results

Brimbank Council’s response to the global climate emergency is a top priority, and it is beginning to achieve some important results.

Significant progress has been made towards a cooler, greener and healthier Brimbank in the second year of implementation of Brimbank’s Climate Emergency Plan 2020-2025.

This includes the opening later this year of the Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre, Australia’s first all-electric renewable energy powered aquatic facility. While its doors have not opened yet, it has already been recognised for its world-leading sustainability features.

Other highlights for the last financial year includes:

  • All Brimbank’s buildings, sports grounds, community venues, leisure centres and street lights are now powered by renewable electricity.
  • Council’s $3.4 million main road street lighting upgrade project has been completed. Some 4000 street lights were upgraded to energy efficient LED lighting. This is expected to save Council $6 million net over 20 years through reduced energy bills and maintenance charges. 
  • Council is installing over 50 kilowatts of solar PV on community sports pavilions across Brimbank.
  • The launch of the 100% Renewable Brimbank program, which connects residents, businesses and community groups to resources and support to help switch to all-electric and renewable energy.
  • The new stormwater harvesting system at Dempster Park in Sunshine North is now operational and recycling about 11 million litres of stormwater annually for this sports and recreational ground.

The Brimbank Climate Emergency Plan Annual Report Card was presented at the 16 August Council Meeting.

It sets Council’s path to achieve zero-net emissions in its own operations by 2030 and lead the community to achieve a resilient, zero-net emissions Brimbank Municipality by 2040.

Quotes to be attributed to Brimbank Mayor Cr Jasmine Nguyen:

“Projects replacing fossil fuels for renewable energy have helped Council make great advances in the second year of the Climate Emergency Plan.

“This is not only addressing the catastrophic effects of global warming, but Council’s move to 100% renewable electricity has also saved it money.

“At Brimbank we’re encouraging and providing support to residents and businesses to also play their role to achieve zero net emissions. The most important thing you can do is switch to renewable electricity in your homes, businesses, and transport. Bit by bit, we can make a real difference.”