Media Release - Brimbank Council opposes Melbourne Airport plans for Third Runway

Brimbank Council has lodged a submission formally opposing the Melbourne Airport Masterplan and Draft Major Development Plan for the third runway, because of the unreasonable and unacceptable health risks posed to the Brimbank community.

Council's submission incorporates community views and seeks the best possible outcomes for its community.

 The independent health risk assessment work that Council commissioned, involved targeted community engagement to understand the current impacts of aircraft noise on the Brimbank community.

Brimbank's submission focuses on the key themes of Stakeholder Engagement; Health Impacts (Noise and Public Safety); Air Quality; Environment Protection Act Legislation; Compensation; Human Rights; Public Safety Area; Access; Environment; Economic Development; and Statutory Planning. 

In Council’s estimation, the most significant shortcomings of the Master Plan and MDP are:

  • the failure to recognise the health impacts to existing residents in Brimbank and neighbouring municipalities from the current airport operations.
  • the significant underestimation of the health impacts from increased aircraft noise on the Brimbank and surrounding community’s wellbeing.
  • the failure to consider any meaningful ways to reduce and mitigate the off-site impacts of the present and future operations of Melbourne Airport.

Council is calling for a range of actions by Federal and State governments to minimise the harm to human health from airport operations.

Council is keen for the community and key stakeholders to be aware of health impacts of the airport proposals and what Council’s submission covered. To stay informed visit

Quotes from Mayor Cr Jasmine Nguyen:

"Council is formally opposing the Draft Airport Masterplan and the Draft Major Development Plan for the Third Runway because there are major issues with both plans.

"The health impacts identified in the independent Health Risk Assessment Council commissioned, make it clear that there’s an unreasonable, unacceptable and inherently unfair risk to the Brimbank community from current plans for a Third Runway.

"Our top priority is to safeguard the health and amenity of our community. We refuse to support any plans that would harm our community and City.

"We're calling for action by Federal and State governments – they need to minimise the health risk posed by aircraft noise and improve planning for any expanded operations of Melbourne Airport.”