Don’t forget to have your say on housing design in Brimbank

Council is developing a Neighbourhood Character Study that assesses existing housing character in Brimbank, with the aim of developing character and design objectives for residential areas into the future.

The aim is for Council to be able to apply ‘character’ objectives in general residential areas to ensure future developments respond to the existing character of an area; and to apply ‘design’ objectives for future developments in higher density residential areas (residential growth zones).

Brimbank Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve reminded the community to comment on the draft Neighbourhood Character Study.

“It’s not uncommon for Council to receive community objections and hear concerns about different types of residential developments being proposed in our municipality.

“Until now councils have had limited authority to set neighbourhood character direction for new residential developments, but that’s changing.

“Our draft Neighbourhood Character Study proposes design objectives that could apply to your land, and may influence how you and your neighbours build and develop residential land. 

“The draft study does not propose to change the current zoning of your land – all we’re doing is proposing what type of design or features would go best with certain types of neighbourhoods.

“Your feedback is important,” Cr Congreve said.

The draft study has been shaped by previous feedback from the community on land use and development priorities, and neighbourhood character. This includes input received through the Plan Brimbank consultation in 2018, as well as recent neighbourhood character consultations.

Once finalised, the Neighbourhood Character study will:

  • Inform the application of new neighbourhood character objectives or design objectives as relevant to every residential zone as part of a future planning scheme amendment process.
  • Lead to changes to existing ResCode requirements which sit within the Brimbank Planning Scheme (Clause 54 and 55) and more certainty in the planning system.
  • Result in better clarity for residents and developers as to what design fits with a specific neighbourhood.
  • Help Council to decide whether a proposed development meets the look and feel of the neighbourhood, its preferred future character (where relevant), and is appropriate in design and scale for the area.

To find out what neighbourhood character and design objectives are proposed for your property and local area, look for your property within the 'Character Types and Proposed Residential Zones Schedule Areas' maps at  

Feedback must be received by 11.59pm on Friday 5 September 2019