Sensory Friendly Hour at Deer Park Library

Deer Park Library will introduce a new service to the community for people with heightened sensory needs. 
The Sensory Friendly Hour will be held weekly at Deer Park Library from 10-11am starting on Saturday 21 September 2019. 
The Sensory Friendly Hour will provide an environment that seeks to reduce noise, lighting and distractions for customers on the autism spectrum.  During the hour, the lights will be dimmed and noise will be reduced as much as possible.  This will impact on access to some services for library customers but staff will be available to assist with all queries. 
Computers, photocopiers, PlayStation and Xbox games in the library will be unavailable during the Sensory Friendly Hour.  Limited printing services will be available and some computers will still be accessible in the computer room. 
Brimbank Libraries aim to improve access to those members of the community who may not usually use the library due to heightened sensory needs.  
The new service builds on existing library programs for families with children with heightened sensory needs, including Sensory Story-time at Deer Park Library, offered fortnightly on Friday mornings at 9.30am. 


Service Details

Sensory Friendly Hour
Time: Saturday mornings 10-11am, starting Saturday 21 September
Location: Deer Park Library, 4 Neale Road Tel 9249 4660 


Full library services will be available 10am-5pm Saturdays at:

  • Deer Park Library, 4 Neale Road, Tel 9249 4660
  • Keilor Library, 704B Old Calder Highway, Tel 9249 4670 
  • St Albans Library, 71A Alfrieda Street, Tel 9249 4650
  • Sunshine Library, 301 Hampshire Road, Tel 9249 4640
  • Sydenham Library, 1 Station Street, Taylors Lakes Tel 9249 4680 

For more information visit Brimbank Libraries or call 9249 4000.