Sunshine rising to become the capital of Melbourne's West

Council has given the green light for a plan to continue transforming Sunshine into the capital of Melbourne’s West.

The Sunshine Rising Action Plan 2019-2024 was adopted at the August Council Meeting, and will guide Sunshine’s journey to become the capital of Melbourne’s growing West. 

Brimbank Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve said Sunshine is very different today from what it was a few years ago, and the transformation will continue. 

“Sunshine is definitely on the map today and we’re making sure its importance and value continues to grow. 

“We’ve got a strong plan to continue revitalising the Sunshine Town Centre and ensure it reaches its full potential. 

“For our community, this will mean a dynamic multicultural town centre that takes advantage of some big opportunities that are around the corner, such as the once-in-a generation opportunity offered by regionally important projects like the Sunshine Super Hub project. 

“Having the Sunshine Super Hub here will transform Sunshine, by making it a vital connection point and regional hub. We expect to see more jobs and more people coming through the centre, which will be great for the local community and a boost for our economy. 

“Over time Sunshine Town Centre will become the Capital of Melbourne’s West for regional offices and services.

“We plan to also facilitate higher density residential development in and around the activity centre.  More housing will draw more people and more services to the area. 

“We’ll make sure the Sunshine Town Centre becomes more vibrant and dynamic and we’ll continue to promote the fantastic attractions it offers our community and visitors far and wide. 

“Our plan is to create better public spaces for our community and visitors to enjoy and we’ll support the centre to offer better retail opportunities for all.  

“Sunshine already has great events and entertainment that draws tens of thousands of visitors, such as the annual Lantern Festival and the Short Film Festival. The attractions will continue to grow and draw increasing numbers of visitors to enjoy the centre’s vibrant, dynamic offerings and spend their dollars here. 

“All this work will see Sunshine take its place as the capital of the West by 2050,” Cr Congreve said. 

The Sunshine Rising Action Plan 2019-2024 is part of Council’s Sunshine Rising program, which was first established in 2009 to revitalise the Sunshine Town Centre.

Sunshine is recognised by the Victorian Government’s metropolitan strategy, Plan Melbourne, as a Metropolitan Activity Centre, and part of the Sunshine National Employment and Innovation Cluster, making the centre a major focus for future investment, development and growth.