Brimbank welcomes state response to recycling issues

Brimbank Council has welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement it will make financial rebates available to councils affected by the recent closure of SKM’s recyclables processing facilities. 
Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Lucinda Congreve said Brimbank was keen to find out more about the relief package on offer, and to work with the Victorian Government on its planned “major overhaul” of kerbside collection of recyclables. 
“We welcome the announcement that some financial relief looks to be on the horizon for those Councils – including Brimbank - affected by the recent closure of SKM facilities.  
“This should go some way towards helping offset some of the additional costs Councils are facing as a result of having to divert the community’s recyclables away from SKM facilities. 
“We will be seeking further details from the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio, about how Brimbank can access this relief package, including the conditions attached. 
“Brimbank – like many other Victorian Councils – has been talking about the state-wide systemic issues with the provision of recycling and waste management in Victoria for some time. The Victorian Government needs to use funds from the Sustainability Fund for the purpose it is intended for – and right now that’s to fix kerbside recycling in Victoria. 
“In our submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Recycling and Waste Management earlier this year, Brimbank called on the Victorian Government to properly re-evaluate the current provision of waste disposal and recycling services, and the impact of levies and how these are utilised. 
“We’re keen to work with the Victorian Government and industry stakeholders on its planned overhaul of kerbside recycling. 
“We need a sustainable waste economy and local industry based on alternative and advanced waste and resource recovery technology - not a last century reliance on stockpiling and shifting waste offshore or being buried in landfill. 
“Brimbank also welcome the news the Victorian Government will work with the receiver for SKM to remove the stockpiles at SKM managed sites, and off site storage of material – many of which are located in Melbourne’s west. Stockpiles like these could pose a fire hazard,” Cr Congreve said. 
Brimbank continues to liaise with the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group, who manage Council’s contract with SKM, to better understand the implications of SKM’s insolvency for Council, and to look at immediate options and long term solutions to manage recycling services for our households.  
Until a viable alternative can be arranged, Brimbank’s kerbside recycling collection service will continue – with recyclable material being directed to landfill. 
We encourage our residents to make every effort to minimise their waste and to look at alternatives to placing recyclable items in the recycling bin – there are heaps of alternatives. For some handy tips, visit Brimbank Council’s website.