Statement from Brimbank City Council Mayor Lucinda Congreve

Today the State Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DWELP) published the findings of a recent Councillor Conduct Panel held in response to an application by a Brimbank City Councillor regarding the conduct of another Councillor.

The independent Councillor Conduct Panel has dismissed the application as there were no findings of any form of misconduct or serious misconduct.

The Panel commended Council for proactively and positively attempting to resolve the tensions that led to the application by a Councillor.  The Panel also directed Council to revise its Code of Conduct to be more specific in relation to both the process and timeframes for internal dispute resolution, which Council had already commenced.

Brimbank City Council is pleased that the process has concluded and that the two participants can now move forward.

Brimbank City Council would also like to express its disappointment in the strongest terms regarding the public sharing of confidential information relating to the Councillor Conduct Panel, particularly allegations of misuse of Conflict of Interest provisions.  This action had the effect of airing unsubstantiated and untested information which, apart from being proven to have no foundations in the Panel's findings, was personally damaging and distressing to parties in the process.

The application considered by the Panel did not impact on the day-to-day functioning of Brimbank City Council.  Council’s service provision to the community was not affected in any way.  

Despite this process all Brimbank City Councillors have remained united in working in the best interests of the community.  When I was elected Mayor I made a commitment to exceptional governance and together with my fellow Councillors, I will ensure this continues. 

Council welcomes the opportunity for each of the participants in this Panel to continue in their valuable roles representing the City of Brimbank to secure better outcomes for our community.  


Next review date: 
14 February 2019