Statement by Brimbank City Council - Councillor Conduct Panel

While Brimbank City Council can confirm a Councillor Conduct Panel hearing is currently in progress, due to confidentiality applying under these proceedings, Council cannot make comment prior to any findings publically released by the State Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Councillor Conduct Panels are externally administered under the Local Government Act to resolve breaches of Councillor Codes of Conduct normally concerned with behavioural matters.

Council will not engage in public speculation about the nature and extent of any allegations and eventual findings until such time as they have been tested and due process has been observed.

Allegations of more serious misconduct, including failure to disclose conflicts of interest, are not prosecuted through Councillor Conduct Panels but alternative forums and jurisdictions such as the Local Government Inspectorate.

Council continues to operate as per usual in all aspects of its operations and day-to-day service provision to the community is not affected in any way.

Any further enquiries in relation to these proceedings or Councillor Conduct Panels should be directed to the media unit of Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – Local Government and Suburban Development on 136 186.


Next review date: 
22 January 2019