Have your say on Brimbank’s Library Collections

You are invited to help shape the future of library collection content available at Brimbank libraries by sharing your ideas and hopes online.

Brimbank Mayor, Cr Georgina Papafotiou said Council wanted to hear from residents to help shape Brimbank’s library collection content for the next five years.

‘We are seeking community feedback on the draft Strategic Framework for Library Collections for 2020-2025, which clarifies Council’s objectives for library collections and digital content and guides our investment in library collections.

‘Brimbank Council is proud to operate five branch libraries, an online library and home library service, fostering a culture of reading and learning throughout life and contributing to improving the educational, social and health outcomes of the community.

‘Our Brimbank libraries are meeting places that bring our community together to read, listen, engage, learn, grow and connect with the world.

‘Our library collections have been developed to respond to these community needs and interests and are available in both physical and electronic formats, and provided in English and 19 community and emerging languages.

‘The collection includes print materials, multimedia and electronic resources for reading, listening to and viewing, and supports lifelong learning, reading for pleasure and the preservation of cultural heritage.

‘Our library collection holds 240,000 resources, with over 1.3 million loans annually.

‘While our libraries are highly utilised and valued, it is vital we keep revisiting the services, collections and programs on offer to the community.

‘We need to be mindful that the purpose of libraries is always changing.  The public library you walk into today, is very much changed from the library you visited a decade ago,’ Cr Papafotiou said.

Truer words have never been spoken as since Council’s library doors closed due to COVID-19 on 18 March 2020.  We have seen a 22 per cent increase in the use of electronic books, magazines and newspapers demonstrating how important our collection is to the community.

In response to public demand in April we added new digital children’s learning resources, 1000 comics and increased magazine titles from 100 to over 3600 to our library collections.

To have your say on the draft Strategic Framework for Library Collections for 2020-2025, visit Have Your Say page and complete the online form. Submissions close 5 June.