Media Statement - West Gate Tunnel soil decision

A statement from Brimbank City Council Mayor, Cr Ranka Rasic:

“Council is very concerned that planning approval has been granted for the Metro Regional Landfill in Ravenhall to accept contaminated soil from the West Gate Tunnel project.

“We are calling on the State Government for more rigorous community engagement before any final decision is made, and to be more transparent in relation to PFAS contamination, and trucking volumes and routes.

“There have been ongoing issues with the management of the landfill for years including issues around smells, attracting birds, and too much truck congestion.

“We need solutions that fix problems and open dialogue about how we can be sure the health and wellbeing of our community is protected.

“There are families working and living close by that deserve their voices to be heard and we will continue to advocate for them. There are also broader community impacts with the huge increase in trucks that would also result from any proposal to bring the soil to Ravenhall. The proposal includes up to 460 truck movements per day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“We want a fair go and environmental equity for our community. 

“We are currently considering our options, and intend to determine our next steps at our December Council meeting.”