Media release - Join the movement to ‘call it out’ and prevent gender based violence

Brimbank residents are encouraged to get behind the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence campaign and call out disrespect, sexism, harassment and abusive behaviours that can lead to violence against women. 

Brimbank Council is supporting Respect Victoria’s ‘Respect Women: Call it Out’ 16 Days of Activism campaign which starts on 25 November, coinciding with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, until 10 December, which marks Human Rights Day. 

Brimbank Mayor Cr Ranka Rasic said the campaign is part of Council’s commitment to promoting gender equality, preventing violence against women and all forms of gender-based violence, and supporting victims of violence. 

“Everyone has the right to feel respected and equal in their community, and live a safe and meaningful life free from all forms of violence. 

“Ending gender-based violence is everyone’s responsibility. More importantly men have a key role as allies for gender equality and need to call out disrespect, sexism and harassment so we can work towards ending violence against women. 

“This is an opportunity to raise awareness about violence against women, and empower people to call out unacceptable behaviours when they see it, especially in public spaces. 

“All violence is unacceptable – and Brimbank Council is working to ensure everyone in our community can go about their daily lives without fear of violence in their homes, in classrooms and in public, no matter who they are.

“The campaign aims to change the culture and attitudes around gender-based violence. Ultimately it is about respecting women. It’s about understanding, accepting and celebrating our differences and working together to prevent violence against women. 

“Council is committed to creating healthy, safe and inclusive communities and encourages everyone to join the gender equity movement and ending violence against women,” said Cr Rasic. 

The Fairness Equality and Respect Strategy (2019-2023) promotes gender equality with a focus on preventing violence against women and family violence. 

Under this Strategy, Council works with partners and the broader community to advance gender equity and promote the optimal health, safety and wellbeing of Brimbank residents.

Respect Women: Call It Out is a social movement run by the Victorian Government. To find out how you can be an active bystander visit