We are Brimbank



We’re telling the world how wonderful our city is. Our ‘Welcome. We are Brimbank’ campaign is designed to strengthen Brimbank's community pride and highlight our welcoming community.

We are Brimbank showcases all the amazing aspects of Brimbank’s diverse communities to the Western Region and Melbourne.  

Throughout 2018, we’ll be working hard to spread the word about you, your businesses, your community work and the new and emerging opportunities for growth and investment in the area .  

We want to show people just how much Brimbank has to offer. Whether it’s our wide range of different cuisines, enjoying new and different forms of entertainment, or educating our young people.

Over the last five years there has been significant investment in our city to help improve infrastructure and facilities such as major road and rail projects and the women's and children's hospital being constructed.

We're committed to supporting Brimbank’s growth and development. We’re keen to share with others all the opportunities available. Whether it’s buying property, investing in business or just spending time with us, we're open and everyone’s welcome.

Why not put up a We are Brimbank poster in your window?

We Are Brimbank video

Catch the Welcome. We Are Brimbank video when you visit the movies at Hoyts and Village.